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Post by Chaz »

What type of cable is everyone running between in a new build? Cat5e and fibre composite?

Or are you just running duct?

I have a long run in a new built to do, no access from etp to opt or data panel once lined. Bit of a mission running 20m of conduit through framing for chours too pull the cable, would rather run cable myself during construction.

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Re: ETP to OTP

Post by JamieP »

Most people I've worked with just use the little white fibre duct stuff

Populated or unpopulated

I would assume most wholesalers would have it
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Re: ETP to OTP

Post by PeteRig »

Our guys install a Prysmian OptiCat5E cable in the domestic new builds, the Telco network is phasing out incoming copper so eventually it will be all fibre
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Re: ETP to OTP

Post by medistat »

Given that fibre is high maintenance, I'd put CatV/VI into the internal building - even CatV is OK for 1000MB over <100m runs. Fibre brings a whole pile of nightmares and extra cost for the owner whereas RJ45 gear is cheap, abundant and proven.

But that's not to say that the connection into the router from the street can't be fibre.
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Re: ETP to OTP

Post by mikepriornz »

Only putting in Cat 5 or Cat 6 from demarcation point to inside the house to ONT to location would be the wrong thing to do if in a town or city. You should put in a Hybrid cable as mentioned above. Both Fibre and copper in the same cable. Then Chorus can connect up what ever is available.
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