PV Inspections - what parts are relevant?

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PV Inspections - what parts are relevant?

Post by JamieP »

PEW on PV systems is high risk PEW.

This requires inspection to confirm it complys with it complies with 3000 and 5033. (Unless part 1 design)

Do we need to ensure all of 5033 is complied with? Do we need to confirm the mounting etc has its suitible certificates and installation?

Or is it just the PEW? As the mounting systems wouldn't be PEW?

I always thought youd confirm to the whole standard but others have argued it's only the PEW parts and that the mounting isn't included in this.
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Re: PV Inspections - what parts are relevant?

Post by AlecK »

As per ESR 70, it's PEW that needs to be inspected.
The extent of what's PEW is defined in Schedule 1.

Mounts are structural, and - for either roof-top or free-standing arrays - covered by Building Code.
In fact there's a Standard for this too, and although written more for solar hot water than PV the advice is sound for either.
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