Double pole main switch

This includes types of overcurrent, Short Circuit and RCD protection
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Double pole main switch

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Hi there, as an alternative, is there any rules that says I cant combine two single pole 63amp dinrail main switches and mechanically connect them to make a double pole main switch? It's for a domestic switchboard where the ripple is on one pole and the mains is on the other. Thanks.
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Re: Double pole main switch

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nothing to prohibit that.
but equally no requirement for linking, either.

The rule[] is minimum 1 main switch per supply, in particular 1 per safety service plus 1 for general.
In domestic there usually won't be any safety services.

Then 2.3.3. says keep them to the minimum, and for domestic one per separately metered or controlled supply.
So you have a controlled mains and one uncontrolled, so you can have 2 switches.
You can link them if you want to,and it's common practice to use linked switches, but you don't have to
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