Ordinary Duty Flexible Cord for PCE connection

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Ordinary Duty Flexible Cord for PCE connection

Post by JamieP »

Is it suitable to use OD flex for connection from an isolator to inverter leads me to believe that this is installation wiring as it is "(i) Permanently connected flexible cords, including flexible cords used as
pendants for socket-outlets and those connected to an installation
coupler." and it does not meet any of the exceptions also says that if installation wiring it must be HD unless it meets one of the exceptions, "(c) installed for the connection of equipment, in accordance with the
equipment wiring provisions of Clause 4.3.5." is the only one that could apply being that I'm assuming this is "equipment", but if I follow to 4.3.5 everything seems fine except (b) explicitly mentions appliance or luminarie which throws me off because other than that 4.3.1 to 4.3.4 seems to just mention "equipment" and "equipment wiring"
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Re: Ordinary Duty Flexible Cord for PCE connection

Post by AlecK »

Electrical equipment [1.4.46] includes just about everything. But not all wiring to / from equipment is "equipment wiring".
For example; an mcb is "electrical equipment" , and a socket outlet is "electrical equipment", but the wiring between them is "installation wiring".

The connection between PCE and associated isolating device can't be called 'equipment wiring' [1.4.101].
It's installation wiring [1.4.102]. So if it's flex, must be HD.
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