Medical Area RCD's

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Medical Area RCD's

Post by gregmcc »

A NZ Gazette notice
2020-au1524 Gazette Notice.pdf
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Re: Medical Area RCD's

Post by AlecK »

It only real issue was the paperwork rather than the products themselves. Schneider have sorted out the glitch in their compliance documentation; and got a new Approval for these products.

However the Worksafe Notice remains in force (it's due to expire 6 months after it was issued).

They could have issued a temporary / conditional Approval.
Or they could have simply turned a blind eye, and not withdrawn their previous Approval;
given that there was never any real evidence that the products were in any way unsafe or non-compliant.
Instead they imposed a regime of extra tests & reporting on Inspectors, yet failed to adequately alert us to these extra responsibilities.

In fact the Notice never made it OK for these things to be sold/supplied between the original Approval being withdrawn and the new Approval being in place.
So from that point of view Worksafe appear to have been supporting the (technically) illegal supply of fittings.
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