110V appliances and outlets

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110V appliances and outlets

Post by Fatboy »

I have a customer who is adamant they are having 110V appliances in their kitchen. Is there anything prohibiting having 110V sockets run off a 110V 60Hz inverter. The house will supposedly be off grid, although I cant see this being possible due to the size of the house and the desired appliances.
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Re: 110V appliances and outlets

Post by AlecK »

I don't believe there is any rule to prohibit this arrangement; regardless of on / off grid.

Would need to pay close attention to short circuit protection & fault protection;
and the absolute requirement for final subcircuits supplying sockets / lighting to be RCD-protected
(I strongly suspect you won't find any Approved & SDoCed RCDs for 110 V).

half the voltage, so double the current, so bigger conductors; and multiply again for voltage drop.
Then all directly-connected, with high-current switches.
plus the inverter - sized for max demand of the part-installation
and a DB - since they won't all fit on one final subcircuit.
Seems a lot of trouble & cost just to be able to run American? appliances that aren't supported in NZ.
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