Network electrical connection standards - Auckland

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Network electrical connection standards - Auckland

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Hi all,

Just doing some personal development in this period of down time. I don’t have much experience in dealing with residential network connections and/ or power providers so bear with me if the following seem like stupid questions.

I am in the Auckland area and was looking into the vector connection standards and power provider connection standards, and I can’t seem to find much technical information regarding this.

I am speaking regarding the Auckland area.

For example -

Are Meter boards required to be outside in an accessible area from the street? Or can they be inside now with smart meter. I assume they can as I see a lot inside. But where exactly is this information?

Do you require a isolating switch for the meter specifically? Or is it not required ? As in some places they do not have them.

Is there a vector specific cable they require from point of supply (there pit or pole) to MSB or meter board for underground or overhead, or is cable required to meet asnz 3000 standards for whichever cable is installed?

Where do you find of your area is ripple controlled or pilot?

I know these are common knowledge for people dealing with this aspect on a daily bases, but surely there is some solid technical documentation around for each network area?

Any resources you guy use would be great or someone to provide this information with the relevant documents to back up why we do it this way, not just because that’s how we have always done it!

I have found this from vector but it doesn’t answer specific for a lot of the questions above. ... -22-05.pdf

Surely there is an easier way than searching the internet in great detail with no avail.

Cheers in advance !

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